Why did CG Farm come about?

CG Farm happened as a result of a conversation with an industry expert. the learning was that most ‘honey’ available in India widely contains 30% to 70% High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). In addition to that the ‘honey’ is highlyprocessed with filtration and heat, destroying everything beneficial. An ancient, delicious super food, a natural sweetener, used as medicine, an immunity builder was now relegated to being just a sweetener and a substandard one at that, with all the processing that the honey is put through. CG Farm endeavours to contribute in changing this situation.


  • CG Farm consistently endeavours to find varieties of raw honey from all over India and bring them to your table, exactly as the bees made them.
  • We collect raw honey from the farmers and bee keepers in northern part of India.we have the harvesting team who set up a camp in the flowering season to harvest raw honey.
  • The main objective of CG Farm is to bring the original raw honey on the table of the CG Farm customers.


  • Raw honey is strained through a sieve to separate debris & then directly bottled. You may find tiny specks in your honey and that would be pollen and really tiny bits of honeycomb debris. This is an indication that your honey isn’t subjected to filtration or heat.
  • Raw honey contains a host of amino acids, phytonutrients, proteins, enzymes, organic acids, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients. Heat and moisture will destroy these beneficial properties.


Pure Raw Honey varieties comes from Two Sources:

  • 1. CG Farm Extractors: While they are familiar with location of hives and are experts in honey extraction, they are now trained to extract honey from forests without destroying entire hives, thanks to experts in the field. Here you have to know that only 30-40% of the beehive has honey that is ready to be harvested, and the part of the hive that has ‘harvest ready honey’ is easily identified by these experts and they cut out only that portion of the hive for extraction. The rest of the hive is left undisturbed. The honey comb is lighter in colour and on the outside of the hive. The brood comb tends to be darker and inside the hive. From these sources we have curated our premium line of raw wild forest honey. These honeys come to us from the forests of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal, Ladakh, West Bengal, Punjab, Uttarakand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala.
  • Apiaries: Beekeepers who install their bee boxes in fields and orchards during the flowering season of the crops. One of the reasons CG FARM supports apiculture or bee keeping is because it is highly beneficial to farmers. Bees foraging for nectar in fields and orchards contributes greatly to pollination and not only increases the crop yield and also enhances the quality of the yield. So when you buy raw honey sourced from bee keepers, you support the livelihoods and well being of people tied to agriculture

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